Road to London, My Story – David Davala

I’m writing regarding my husband, David Davala.

Coming off of one of the “Most Inspirational Comeback Awards” given out by USAT at the National Championships earlier this month—he had a serious knee injury in 2011 (the doctor said he’d never run again—a long recovery process, but he qualified for Worlds and achieved his goal of All American in 2012).  Then, prior to Nationals this year, during the Mass Triathlon Age Group Championships, my husband had a serious crash.

017Another competitor did not abide by the rules of passing, and hit Dave sending him to the ground a mile into the bike. He was taken off the course in an ambulance and at the hospital it was determined that he had 6 broken ribs, a punctured lung, and a shattered collarbone.  That happened on Sunday July 14th.  On the Monday following he had surgery and had a metal plate put in his collarbone.

As you can imagine, he was devastated (again), especially because Nationals was in 4 weeks, and then London.  Slowly but surely he started training again, very slow at first because of the broken ribs.  He had a hard time breathing.  Although he was perhaps at 60%, he participated at Nationals.  Of course, he was unhappy with his 36th place finish in his age group- 55-59, even though he beat quite a few other athletes in that age group, he wanted more.  All were amazed he even raced at all!

Just this past week, he has ramped up his training, and with hard work and perseverance, he’ll be 100% for London.  Ok, maybe not 100% but pretty close to it.  He’s hoping to have a podium finish.

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