Road to London, My Story – Carole Jackson

I wondered if you might be interested in my story, I have been competing in triathlon for 20 years however 6 years ago  I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. At the time I carried on until I had major flare in 2009 when I had to stop triathlon and step back from work, I had numerous medications, both oral and injection, walked with a stick and was fairly limited in what I could do.

Treatments these days have improved considerably and by January 2010, I had improved considerably and joined a gym, started swimming and did gentle exercises on a static bike. By Easter of that year, I had been out cycling and had started to jog a little. I felt encouraged and took part in triathlons in May and June, focusing on successfully completing rather than competing. I thought that this was as far as I would go in 2010, but in August, the Great Britain age group team manager offered me a slot at the World Championship. Inspired by my commitment and fortitude, he offered me a place to compete in the 50-54 age group in Budapest. Since then I have continued to compete, not quite the way I did, often at the back and occasionally for the GB age group team.

This year, help by monthly intravenous infusions of a type of immunosuppressant therapy I have continued to race. Triathlon is a massive part of my life, it keeps me going and the triathlon community is friendly and supportive. For me it’s great to see how the sport has grown and how many new people are racing.

Carole Jackson

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