Road to London, My Story – Rebecca Moroney

I am so excited to be representing Australia at this years world championships. It’s been a particularly tough year but my determination to qualify has been one of the only things that has gotten me through it all.

In January this year, I was diagnosed with late stage 2 melanoma. It was the most unsuspecting lesion, half the size if a button, but very deadly.

I caught the lesion just before it hit my blood stream however I had to have immediate surgery to cut it out. They ended up cutting out a very large chunk off my leg to get it all. I am pleased to say that the operation was a success and I didn’t need any further treatment however I have a 90% chance of another one and many more growing.

I am a fair skinned girl with freckles.. Sun is not good for my skin but the joy I get out of triathlon racing is something I will never be able to replicate.

Amongst other obstacles, this little lesion threatened my possible qualification and my life. It put my family and kids through hell for a good period of time. I now have a new lease on life and as a result, pushed myself even harder and qualified for both the spring and Olympic distance. I will be racing both for my country.

I will wear the green and gold proudly and have my mother by my side on the day to watch me cross the line. It will be a day of joy and tears, not only celebrating my success in wherever in place but the emotional journey I overcame.

Apart from this, 3yrs ago I was very lucky to be apart if a TV show called Eat Yourself Sexy. I lost 13kgs in 8 weeks and was the most successful girl out of the 8 by losing the most. I continued my journey and have now lost over 24kgs. This is when I entered the sport of triathlon.

I said to myself, if I get to a certain weight, i want to combat a major fear of mine…. Swimming in the ocean. I came across triathlons and the Hills Tri Club who host their races at the Regatta. If I took it step by step by starting with swimming in a lake, I knew I would eventually get there.

Three years later I’m fitter than ever,  I can swim in any body of water and am competing with the best in my country… and now the world. I am also proudly sponsored by one if the most reputable bike brands, Trek Bicycles and largest printer suppliers Lexmark Australia. I am very lucky to have the support of these sponsors and be coached by an amazingly talented coach, Daniel Baine at OneBody Health & Fitness. This training group has pushed me to limits and are also a contributor to my success.

My transformation was phenomenal, both physically and mentally, and has also been the catalyst for my success.

I hope you are inspired by my story, just as I am to be proud.

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