Road to London, My Story – Michael Robertson

Good day, my name is Michael Robinson from New Zealand and on Saturday the 9th of March 2013 I achieved an 8th placing at the New Zealand Triathlon Standard Distance Championship in the 25-29 age group which gave me the opportunity to represent New Zealand in the world age group championship on the 11th and Sunday the 15th of September 2013 in London, UK.

To have this opportunity is an amazing achievement, but for me, what I have managed to accomplish over the last twelve months has made it even more special. In December 2011 weighed in at 118 kgs and struggled to run 3 km without stopping and then in December 2012 I put my head down and started to change my life day after day with two goals in mind. 1. To lose weight and 2. Complete my first triathlon.

I am now proud to say that since March 2012 I now weigh in 44 kg lighter at 75 kg’ and I have competed in and completed 4 Duathlon races, 4 half marathons, 5 cycle races, 3 Ocean Swims, 4 Triathlons and 3 half Ironman races and every time I have raced I have been achieving personal best. What makes Triathlons that much better is the people that are in it, and the different levels which gives constant motivation to not only stay healthier but also push myself beyond my own expectations and expectations of those around me.

My triathlon journey for me leaves me speechless but, I constantly strive to share my journey with those around me and it is amazing how many people I have helped motivate to challenge themselves and look beyond what people around them think and to get out there and give it a go. I used to think to myself “I don’t have time to train” but somehow around 45 hours in a working week I have found on average 25 hours of training each week.


London 2013 World champs for me will be my first as I only started last year and it came with no expectation to qualify. When I did I was that shocked I almost turned it down, but, I am excited and enthusiastic to say that for that week and beyond I am going to be one of the proudest countrymen supporting their country as I soak in the atmosphere! Although we are racing for age-group world titles I will be out there, smiling ear to ear knowing that I will be pushing myself to my limit therefore I know I will have won the hardest battle which is the one against myself.

I thank you for the opportunity to share my story with you and, I look forward to seeing everyone in a months’ time.

Michael Robinson

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